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Elder abuse and fraud all too often goes undetected and unreported. Seldom is it prosecuted. The following case is an Example of Elder Abuse and Fraud committed by trusted family members. "I would rather lose by trust than win by fraud." I lost by trusting my family members. President Reagan said it best. "Trust but verify." This case is also an example of Medicaid Fraud, and how easy it is to get by with it. It illustrates that a person can transfer property to family members and still benefit from it and defraud Medicaid, the U S Government and the Tax Payers. This is especially easy to do if you have a son in law that is a lawyer and advises you and protects you every step of the way for his own personal gain. Local and National Authorities seldom want to get involved to Investigate and Prosecute the guilty parties. The Courts all too often turn a blind eye to Lawyers who financially are involved in self dealing if and when a case is ever brought before them. How does one protect themselves and their family? It is very difficult to find Experienced, Competent and yes Honest Legal Representation even if you can afford it. This is especially true when a fellow lawyer is involved in the case with self dealing for personal gain as his dedicated mission. The often whispered comment, "I have to work with him often comes up." "You protect me and I will protect you" seems to be the order of the day. Too many lawyers represent their own self interest, instead of their client's interests. There are however decent lawyers out there that are the exception. Finding them can prove to be next to impossible as I contacted over 100 lawyers in Kansas, hired and paid five lawyers who came, took my money and went before I found, hired and paid the last one who could have helped win my case. He was unable to do so, as was unable to find and hire him until after I lost a Summary judgment and leaving him was stuck in appealing my botched case. Attempting to find and pay a lawyer that would have had the same level of deceit, dedication and tenacity that Lawyer Gary A. Nelson had because he had gotten his name place on the deed to the land. It proved to be impossible until I found my last lawyer, and by then it was too late. In the Following case Leavenworth Lawyer Married into the Fail / Dedeke Family such as it was, and then proceed to craft Real Estate Fraud by Will manipulation and having his name place on a "Transfer on Death Deed" to property that was meant to go to Larry Fail, the son of Ivan J. Fail & Helen B. Fail upon their deaths. There were four siblings, and 1100 acres of prime farm land with Gas production of several thousands of dollars per month located in Wilson County Kansas worth in excess of $2,000,000. Three of the four siblings, and Lawyer Gary A. Nelson and his wife Tonia Nelson got it all. There was Collusion, Conspiracy to Defraud, Perjury, and Constructive Trust Fraud committed by the beneficiaries of the Estate thereby gaining title and ownership to everything, and thereby cutting sibling Larry Fail / me and my children completely out. It is my opinion that there may have been foul play in the death of my father. Chanute Attorney John Rubow was my father's attorney and the Executor of the Estate and may have been involved in part or all of the above civil torts and criminal activity. The following letter to the Governor of the State Kansas further explains the case. This information is put forth in the best interest of justice, and to warn and advise any reader to take precaution, proactive and preemptive procedures to guard against the same thing happening to them and others. There are many good lawyers out there. Good at what is the Question. I know a few Lawyers that are good at fairly representing their clients, justice and fair play in an honest and ethical manner. Names available upon request. I know many more lawyers who are good at representing themselves and their own self interests at the loss of their clients, ethics, fair play and justice. In my opinion based on personal experience - Leavenworth Lawyer Gary Nelson is one of them, as

is Wichita lawyers Brian Grace-less, and Tedd Knopp. See and read the two letters to the Governor of Kansas dealing with Elder abuse and Fraud. Fight Elder Abuse -> Use Email

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